Home Music Mariah Carey’s Bad Weekend Record Sales: “I Don’t” Craters at Number 61

What a weekend for pop music sales!

Lady Gaga’s amazing performance on the Super Bowl sent all of her records flying “off the shelves.” This morning she’s dominating the top 10 albums and singles. She sang live, sounded great, sang on roof, jumped off the roof, and flew around a football stadium.

But on the other end, it was not a good weekend for Mariah Carey. Her ill conceived single “I Don’t,” sampled from a 17 year old R&B hit, is a massive dud. At first “I Don’t” jumped to number 6 on iTunes. But by this morning it’s number 61. There’s no sign of it being streamed on Spotify, either.

The good news I guess is that the video has 6 million views on YouTube. But that and $2.50 will get you on the subway. It just means that Carey’s fans are playing it over and over again– for free, basically.

I don’t– heheh– think “I Don’t” can come back. Most people won’t know it existed. So far, 2017 isn’t going too well for MC.

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