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MONDAY MORNING Lady Gaga is holding 16 spots on the iTunes Top 100 singles this morning. On the album chart, “Joanne” is number 1, “Born this Way” is in the top 10 and her other albums are scattered over the chart.

SUNDAY NIGHT At last, Lady Gaga has a number one hit from the “Joanne” album.

Thanks to her amazing performance during the Super Bowl tonight, Gaga has sent “Million
Reasons” zooming to number 1 on iTunes. The is quite a feat. But that number was so well produced, with Gaga playing piano, that the fans went crazy. (Check the video at 7:30.)

Just watch her. The singing, particularly of “This Land is Your Land” and “God Bless America” was so good, Tony Bennett was probably cheering at home.

Gaga is the consummate performer. This showing was almost better than the game itself, especially if you’re a Falcons fan. (For me the Patriots win was like the Bowling Green Massacre all over again!)

Gaga’s performance was so good that it sent “Born this Way” to number 10, “Poker Face” to 12, “Bad Romance” to 16, and “Just Dance” to 19.

Not only that: “Joanne” is both 2 and 3 on iTunes, and two more Lady Gaga albums are in the top 10.

On amazon, Gaga’s albums are all in the top 20 including her “Cheek to Cheek” album with Tony Bennett.

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