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Mariah Carey wakes up (some time today, maybe around 2pm) to a mixed bag of news on her new single “I Don’t.”

On the good news front, “I Don’t” featuring rapper YG, has 1.4 million plays on YouTube. That’s the financial equivalent of a tuna sandwich, but one that’s been passed around a lot.

On the mixed news front, “I Don’t” made it to number 6 on iTunes, and is now at number 9. Carey’s fans could only afford so many copies.

On the bad news front, no one is streaming “I Don’t.” The single has not cracked the top 50 streaming songs on Spotify. It’s also not on the Global chart.

Of course this is all since the single was released at midnight on Friday morning. But 36 hours with a high recognition release tells a lot. And part of the problem might be that “I Don’t” doesn’t have an album or plan that it’s attached to. It’s just a free floating assault on another Carey ex, the same as last year’s “Infinity.” Only, that single was wittier. And you can maybe get away with that once. Twice doesn’t have the same impact.

Mariah needs to get serious about her career and her singing and stop flouncing around like Ann Corio doing old lady burlesque. She has to button up that shirt and think about her legacy. She’s almost 47, and the pin up thing is getting a little absurd.

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