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The Today Show has a lot of traditions after 60 years on the air. But one of their more recent customs is pushing out popular hosts and anchors to make way for untried personalities.

And so Tamron Hall, who was so popular on NBC and MSNBC, is gone. Adios, Tamron. She had her own show on MSNBC, did reports and news on the main Today show, and anchored the 9am hour with Al Roker since the Billy Bush incident.

Everyone loved Tamron, she was refreshing and smart and plugged in. She’s also black, which added to the Today show’s monochromatic look.

But along came Megyn Kelly, conservative reporter from Fox News who clashed with Donald Trump and Roger Ailes and left that network for greener pastures. Seems Megyn’s gain is Tamron’s loss. Hall’s contract was ending, and she felt she was owed more than being pushed back into the main Today show.

NBC has a habit of doing this. Ann Curry was ripped from her chair for Savannah Guthrie. Jane Pauley was pushed out to make way for Deborah Norville, who later got tossed aside as well.

Also, wait, Natalie Morales is gone, too. So much for the Today family!

Will Megyn Kelly ultimately take Savannah Guthrie’s spot next to Matt Lauer? I sure hope not. She’s way too abrasive. Megyn should do a Donahue -like live news show at 9 or 10am with an audience. I do not want to see her doing the soft Today bits like fashion, cooking and health. Savannah has really settled into her spot. And if she left for some reason,the audience would want to see Hoda Kotb in that chair. She’s been doing a fine job.

The folks at Page Six think Andy Lack is trying to make NBC into Fox News. Let’s hope they’re wrong. But Tamron out, Megyn in, is not an encouraging sign.


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