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Melania Trump has been silent since Inauguration Day. Her one and only Tweet on @FLOTUS was on January 21st. It was a generic “I am deeply honored to serve this wonderful country as First Lady!”

Otherwise, crickets.

Likewise, nothing on her Twitter feed @MelaniaTrump.

US Weekly is reporting that Melania may not move to Washington at all when the school year is out. Previously it was said by the Trumps that she and son Barron, 10, would come to DC at that point. Now, not so much.

What does Melania do all day? Her jewelry line at QVC was dissolved because the stuff she sold was made in China, etc and not in the US. She was going to wage a war on cyber bullying, but there was no sign of her yesterday when Donald didn’t autograph the Executive Order on cyber warfare. Indeed, it’s unclear if she even went to DC for the first weekend after the Inauguration.

Will she be the First Lady? Will she speak again? Reports are that “she’s hiring a team.” Well, the election was on November 8th. That was a long time ago. So far, she’s managed only to be on the cover of Vanity Fair Mexico, dripping in diamonds.

We wait for Melania with much anticipation!

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