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John Mayer is back on the charts after a long absence. But it’s not much of a celebration.

His “The Search For Everything– Wave One” sold 38,274 physical CDs and downloads combined. That in itself is startlingly low for a number 1. But when you add in streaming, “Search” total is 50,437. And that is lower than last year’s all time low scored by Rihanna when “Anti” appeared on the charts.

Of course, “Search” only has four tracks, and clocks in at 14:34. It’s actually impressive that anyone bought physical CD– why bother?– when you could just download the tracks or stream them. Mayer says he’s going to release four tracks per month instead of just putting out an album of like, 12 songs. Hmmmm….Does that mean every month he’s going to break a record for lowest sales?

The number 2 album this week was AFI with 26,883 in sales– and that’s a low of all time. The Weeknd’s “Starboy” album sold 50,000 copies including streams. All in all, very low sales. The bottom nine from 42 to 50 sold fewer than 2,000 copies apiece.

The next big seller should be Ed Sheeran’s “Divide,” on March 3rd.

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