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Now that almost all celebrities in the world declined invites to the Inauguration, a new hurdle appears in the distance.

Who will come to a Trump state dinner? Celebrities have been on the White House menu for 60 days, ramping way up with the Clintons and Obamas. Both Bush presidencies and Reagan had their share of stars. The Kennedys brought in orchestras and famous classical musicians.

Lucky for the Trumps, there’s no hurry. The Obamas didn’t have their first state dinner until November 2009. The next one was in May 2010, for — haha– the then president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon. Beyonce was there.

It’s unlikely there will be a state dinner for the current Mexican president. I suppose it’s possible Russian president Putin could be the first guest of honor.

Melania Trump has hired Stephanie Winston from Vogue to help her in the social department. Winston comes with a big Rolodex since she was behind the gruesome Met Ball every year. Under Winston, Kardashians and other reality stars infiltrated what used to be an exclusive affair. By last year it looked like a Halloween parade.

That might be perfect for the Trumps. The K’s say no to very little, and you could see them showing up for vodka and sanctions. (Which coincidentally could be the title of the new Kanye album!)

Who else? Scott Baio, Kid Rock, maybe Tom Selleck, Jon Voight, natch. And Jackie Evancho can perform. The theme can be something from the NRA: come packin’. A lot of Trump supporters will be dead by then anyway from no healthcare. They can always fill the room with paid extras.

And just think: Alec Baldwin can be emcee!


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