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Valerie Harper posted this statement to Facebook on Thursday night. Since Valerie’s been battling cancer, we send her best wishes, too. Like Mary, she’s an icon.

from Facebook:

To … The World
From…Valerie Harper or “Rhoda”

Last week, to prepare me, I was kindly warned by Mary Tyler Moore’s dear husband, Dr. Robert Levine, that she was in the very last stages of life.

But still I cannot stop the emotions I’m experiencing, since she was my acting colleague, my sister/soulmate, and above all, ONE HELL OF A GIRLFRIEND!

Working together we knew each other so well we could anticipate each other’s moods, ever ready to engage and KNOW there would be an appropriate response from Mary.

I will always feel privileged and honored with the amount of quality time I was able to spend with Mary.

I’ll miss you “Mair.”

I will always be your co-pilot.

I will always love you, darling Mary Tyler Moore.

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