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Jay Z must be some persuasive negotiator. Sprint–a phone service rarely mentioned by anyone– has become an investor in his Tidal streaming music service.

Well played, Jay Z.

The rumor is that Sprint has become a 33 percent investor in Tidal, a music service rarely mentioned by anyone. But in order to get in the music game, Sprint may have paid Jay Z and his investors $200 million.

Sprint will offer Tidal and its exclusives to its 45 million customers. If you have Sprint, you will get Tidal on your phone, per the official announcement.

Well, it’s not like Spotify and Verizon have hooked up. Tidal is much less listened to than Spotify, the main streamer of music. And Sprint is rarely the answer when you ask someone “What service do you have?” But the agreement does give Tidal a much needed bigger audience.

To date, artists who took new music to Tidal exclusively wound up losing out on being part of the mainstream. This should help. I don’t know what it does for Sprint but at least they’ll have good music.

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