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It really is a new world.

Shortly after Kellyanne Conway told NBC’s Chuck Todd that Sean Spicer had given “alternative facts” at the first Trump White House press conference, a meme was born.

It’s not just that hashtag-alternativefacts went wild on Twitter. Someone registered the new phrase as a website on GoDaddy.com. I say ‘someone’ because the identity of the owner is hidden. It’s unlikely Ms. Conway could have gotten to her computer that quickly after putting her foot– or both feet– in it, so to speak.

Right now “alternativefacts.com” redirects to a New York Times article about the whole Conway mess written by Nicholas Fandos.

Also taken: www.alternativefacts.net. The new owner is Annette Alvarez, a New York talent manager whose firm is called Multi-Ethnic Talent.  She registered the name with GoDaddy shortly after the Conway showdown. According to her website, Alvarez represents actors on shows like “Shades of Blue,” “Bull,” “Elementary,” and “The Magician.”

Alvarez registered a bunch of AlternativeFacts websites on Saturday, as soon as she heard about Todd and Conway. Today she began publishing her own satirical website at the dot-news location.

“My favorite movie ever is All the President’s Men,” Alvarez says. “I read the book twice I loved it so much.” Alvarez, a colorful character who’s from Brooklyn, was a student journalist whose father was a factory worker and numbers runner. Cuban by nationality she told me she was so depressed on Friday she had to go to sleep after the Inauguration. On Saturday she registered the sites. And now she’s off and running.

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