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There are few more enduring relationships than the cast of 1982’s “9 to 5.” Stars Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton have remained good friends for the 37 years since that hit comedy opened and became a classic.

Now Fonda and Parton will present Tomlin with her SAG Life Achievement Award on January 29th. That should be quite the ceremony as the trio relive their “9 to 5” success.

But also, it’s pretty cool because Fonda and Tomlin are each nominated for SAG Awards for Best Actress in a Comedy for their Netflix series, “Grace and Frankie.” The hit show is going into its 3rd season with no end in sight.

Parton has also stayed very busy with new albums and Hallmark TV movies. These women– all over 70–Parton turns 71 on Thursday– never ever stop. And we’re pretty happy about that.

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