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“Lion” is a huge surprise nominee from the Directors Guild awards– director Garth Davis is in, and it’s the best news of the movie season. “Lion” is the favorite movie of so many people, and it’s trailed behind in kudos severely. Well played by Harvey Weinstein and co.

The other nominees are Kenny Lonergan for “Manchester,” Damien Chazelle for “La La Land,” Denis Villeneuve for “Arrival” and Barry Jenkins for “Moonlight.”

Not nominated are Martin Scorsese for “Silence,” Denzel Washington for “Fences,” Clint Eastwood for “Sully,” and Mel Gibson (thank god) for “Hacksaw Ridge.”

The DGA is the best predictor of the top 5 movies, which means the four we were used to, plus “Lion,” are now the leaders in the Oscar race.

The other four, just as deserving, should nevertheless include “Fences.”

“Lion” — which has strong supporting acting from Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel, plus an excellent screenplay and Oscar worthy cinematography–now makes a strong bid for Best Picture. No kidding. The Golden Globes sort of ate up the enthusiasm for “La La Land” and “Moonlight.” At least with the DGA, we now have a real dark horse in the race.

Hot stuff. And even if this is the farthest Garth Davis gets for now, next season we him directing Rooney Mara in “Mary Magdalene.” So stay tuned…

Davis sent out this statement: “I am both humbled and astonished at this great honour. Deepest thanks to the DGA for these nominations – I can’t thank you enough for this support. Love and thanks goes to the entire cast and crew, whose immense passion and commitment made this possible, and to the Brierley family – your trust and openness touched us so deeply and allowed us to do our best work on LION. Thank you to my family, and to all the families of the crew that support us in all we do.”

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