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 Yes, Oscar nominated very white actor Joseph Fiennes is playing Michael Jackson on British TV. It’s for a one off 30 minute comedy called “Urban Myths.”

This is the NOT TRUE story that became an urban myth, that after the 9-11 attacks Michael, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando drove from New York to L.A. instead of flying home. It is NOT TRUE, this is a comedy.

What were the producers going to do? Michael’s skin was translucent white by then. I sat next to him on a sofa a few months before this happened. He was whiter than me!

Stockard Channing plays Taylor, Brian Cox is Brando.

Listen: in real life, Michael should have flown them all home. After all, I reported them that he gave Liz a $600,000 piece of jewelry to show up a his 30th anniversary concert that weekend. He PAID Brando a million bucks cash to lounge around like a giant lox on a sofa on stage and say some gibberish.

Anyway, Joe Fiennes makes a perfectly good Michael.




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