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This is confusing: there are 2 Mandy Moore’s. One of them is the pop star-actress who is now killing it in “This is Us” on NBC. I saw her yesterday at Lynn Hirschberg and W Magazine’s It Girl lunch at AOC Restaurant in West Hollywood. I have always liked this Mandy Moore very much, right back to when she bravely made a cool record album called “Covers.” She told me yesterday that when “This is Us” breaks for the season she’s going to go back into the studio. Very exciting.

But there is another Mandy Moore. She’s a choreographer, the one who directed all the dancing in Damien Chazelle’s wonderful “La La Land.” I learned last night that this Mandy Moore has also staged the big opening sequence for tonight’s Golden Globes show. NBC and Dick Clark Productions wouldn’t have hired her unless they knew “La La Land” was tonight’s winner.

Indeed, what I’ve heard from the insiders at the Hollywood Foreign Press is that “La La Land” will sweep Best Musical-Comedy, Actor (Ryan Gosling), Actress (Emma Stone), and at least Best Song. Damien Chazelle will win Best Director.

The real guessing game is in the Drama category, where “Manchester by the Sea” and “Moonlight” are slugging it out for the affections of the 90 member group. “Lion” is a third choice.

Many have wondered about noted anti-Semite and racist Mel Gibson, whose “Hacksaw Ridge” is up for a couple of awards. But I’m told Mel, despite support in the HFPA, will go home empty handed. Any wins for him would be controversial, to say the least.

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