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Mariah Carey says Dick Clark Productions sabotaged her on Saturday night. That’s reason, she claims, her performance was a mess.

But Mariah sabotaged herself. She didn’t rehearse or go to sound check. And when the sound went out in her ears, she didn’t just sing the song or the songs. She says the words disappeared from the prompter- but doesn’t she know these songs by heart already? They are twenty years old or more!

And what about just singing? The problem with all these performers, but Mariah more than ever, is that they’re on remote control. Improvising? Not on your life. Everything has to sound just as it was recorded, or else.

Mariah is really out of it if she thinks Dick Clark Productions wanted things to go wrong in order to get ratings. Dick Clark (the real Dick Clark) was the first to get pop stars to lip synch on “American Bandstand.” He wanted everything to go right. No one invites failure.

But back in the time of “American Bandstand” if something went wrong, the artist could jump in save themselves. Their careers depended on it. Mariah’s reaction? “Shit happens.” If she doesn’t care, why should the fans?

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