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Mariah Carey had a rockin’ New Years nightmare in Times Square. Unable to hear her vocal track through her listening devices she was revealed lip synching two of her hits. This was live on ABC with the whole watching and waiting for the ball to drop.

Instead, the other shoe dropped, as they say.

Mariah has played fast and loose with lip synching in live shows. But tonight she was seen mouthing words while songs were playing, not opening her mouth, and then just giving up and holding her mic by her side while the songs played.

Nearly all of today’s pop stars perform like this– they have a pre-recorded vocal track playing and then can dip in and sing “live” like karaoke to their own songs. I saw this at the Jingle Ball. It’s reprehensible what’s happened– but audiences now don’t seem to care. It just goes on and on.

But a glitch in the system can cost a star the reveal that they’re just going through the motions. That’s the the case with Mariah, who has not been able to hit the high notes from some time. You can see her sort of unravel while this is going on, too.

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