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According to his own propaganda outlet, Breitbart News, Donald Trump will have fewer and smaller balls than most past presidents for his inauguration in January.

President Obama had 10 balls in 2009, and George Bush had 9 ball in 2001 and 2005. But Breitbart says Trump will have just three balls. And they’ll be smaller.

So too will the inaugural parade. It will last around 90 minutes. Past parades have lasted three or four hours.

So far, there are few entertainers for these small balls. Only 16 year old Jackie Evancho and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir are signed on. The Radio City Rockettes are fighting among themselves, as many don’t want to participate. The Beach Boys are invited, but haven’t accepted. Declines have c0me from everyone from Elton John to David Foster. No black or minority entertainers have been mentioned. Pussy Riot will not be grabbed for this event.

There’s also no word from the TV networks about specials covering the inauguration. Without entertainers, it’s possible the Trump Inaugural will be relegated to cable news and CSPAN.


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