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It wasn’t enough that Twitter banned him forever, or that repugnant conservative Milo Yiannopolous is Public Enemy #1 in show business.

So CBS has rewarded him with a $250,000 book contract. CBS owns Simon & Schuster, which operates the conservative book imprint Threshold Editions. They were founded by Mary Matalin, and publish books by Donald Trump, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, and Dick and Liz Cheney.

They know their audience. It’s the opposite of S&S’s famed main political stem that is famous for publishing serious books edited by the famed Alice Mayhew. Richard Simon and Max Schuster must be rolling in their graves.

Yiannopolous is an editor of Breitbart News, the alt-right (which means crazy, far right conservative verging on neo-Nazi propaganda) website. He was booted from Twitter for attacking “Saturday Night Live” star Leslie Jones last summer. You can read his whole repulsive background on Wikipedia.

It’s interesting that CBS has gotten in bed with Yiannopolous. This means that Charlie Rose, Gayle King, Stephen Colbert, et al might be used to promote a book with such a hefty advance once it’s published. Maybe we’ll see Milo on “The Talk” with Sharon Osbourne, or as a member of “Big Brother.” Cannot wait.

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