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The irony can’t be lost on anyone that while star Carrie Fisher recuperates from a heart attack, her movie is booming at the box office.

“Rogue One” crosses the $300 mil mark domestically today, while the worldwide take is around $550 million. The Force is with the movie, and it’s with Carrie, too. (Although I seriously doubt we can trust Tweets from Debbie Reynolds’ account. I don’t think Debbie knows that Twitter exists.)

Meanwhile, four days of very limited release brings Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” a $45,000 per screen average. I’m thrilled audiences are clamoring for this amazing piece of cinema.

“Lion” finally went a bit wider to 500 screens and roared to life. Another great movie that will now start building towards Oscar nominations.

Sony Pictures faces huge issues as “Passengers” is pretty much not happening– $30 million for the four day weekend with two ginormous stars– Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. Sony only has two $100 million movies for 2016. They now wait til July 4th for another Spider Man movie. (I feel like I could tell Spider Man his own story better than he could at this point.) That’s a long wait.

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