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Neither rain nor sleet nor snow kept “Star Wars” fans from “Rogue One” this weekend.

US total: $155 million.

International total: $290 million.

“Rogue One” is the 12 biggest debut of all time. And the 2nd biggest December opening of all time.

Meantime, Will Smith did have his worst opening ever with $7 million. “Collateral Beauty” couldn’t even get a loan from the audience.

Doing well among Oscar faves: “La La Land,” “Manchester.” Struggling: “Lion,” “Jackie.” “Lion” needs a wider release, an ad campaign and a PR blitz. Great movie but needs support. “Jackie” — surprised that it’s not doing better.

“Moonlight” is also stalling out. I think it’s a limited audience for an excellent movie. They will still get Best Picture, and Supporting Actor and Actress noms. I pray that A24 puts some muscle into “20th Century Women” and Annette Bening. This should be her year. I love Mike Mills’ movie!

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