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Roger Ailes and Fox News are back in boiling water again. Fox News is being sued, along with New York Fox 5 News Director Byron Harmon, for sexual harassment by an Emmy winning female reporter. Ailes isn’t a defendant, but his name and his alleged activities are outlined specifically.

The suit was filed by Lidia Curanaj, who details Ailes’s randy and inappropriate behavior in detail. She was on the local news here in 2011, met Ailes at a dinner, and he invited her to come see him about moving up to the network. In his office, she says, Ailes asked her to twirl around, said he liked what he saw, told her Fox News female anchors’ legs had to be good. Then he called her boyfriend, a State Senator, and asked “if the sex was good.”

Oh boy. Curanaj, who’s still at Fox5, obviously has had enough. You know, she’s from the Bronx. She also has two two local Emmy Awards. She’s also suing her news director, Byron Harmon. It just gets better and better. Curanaj says Harmon told her– thinking she was Albanian– that “all Albanians are criminals or doormen.” She’s American of Montenegrin descent. Among other things.

Here’s the complaint.

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