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There are three soap operas still on network TV– “The Young and the Restless” and “Bold and the Beautiful” on CBS, “Days of our Lives” on NBC, and “General Hospital” on ABC.

But apparently three of the four are so badly written that the Writers Guild decided to skip them entirely for nominations for their TV awards today. Only “General Hospital” was nominated. By default, they win.

No one can say for sure, but such a happenstance is rare for the WGA and unknown in the awards games.

“Y&R” is the number 1 rated soap but they just changed writing staffs after a bad couple of years, so maybe that’s why they were passed over. The other two I don’t know what happened– could they be so bad? Those two are each legacy shows, run by the sons of the people who created them. They’ve all been on the air since James Garfield was president. But maybe this will make them a look at what they’re doing.

Is “General Hospital” so good? Whenever I’m in the hospital visiting a friend or relative I always look around to see if there’s a sniper in the gift shop or a doctor and nurse having sex in a closet, or a good baby switch going on. You never see it, unfortunately. Real life can’t compete!


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