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Say goodbye to Jack Reacher. Maybe forever. Tom Cruise’s second Reacher film, “Never Go Back,” is his 10th worst box office total of 37 films. This should be the last weekend it plays in theaters, reaching just $57.5 million after 7 weeks.

When I wrote about “Never Go Back” on November 19th it was just at $56 million. This means pretty much no one has seen it in the last three weeks. Paramount was kind enough to leave it in theaters, gathering dust, maybe hopeful it would get to $60 million. It won’t.

The first “Jack Reacher” was no blockbuster. That film made just $80 million. Someone probably thought, what the hell? Maybe it will take off in the sequel. Alas, it didn’t.

Four of Cruise’s top 5 movies of all time are “Mission Impossible” sagas. His number 1 film was “War of the Worlds” in 2005. That’s eleven years ago. Cruise really hasn’t had a non-MI hit in 10 years. His next, “The Mummy,” will be of keen interest.

My guess is, we’re two or three years away from the Lifetime Achievement Governor’s Award for Tom unless something drastic changes.

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