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A lot of albums were released on October 21st. They came, they went. Indeed, a slew of new music was released since then, and not a lot stuck.

Lady Gaga’s “Joanne” was a case in point. It didn’t have a radio hit. Her label released three tracks, and they did not make the top anything. “Million Reasons” was the closest to a hit, but even it failed to crack radio. Where were all those Monsters, the fans who idolized the former wearer of the meat dress?

Well, a little patience has paid off. “Joanne” the album is back up to number 11 8 on iTunes. The album, more introspective and reflective of the changes in Lady Gaga’s career, has settled in. Today’s appearance by Gaga with Lee Cowan on “CBS Sunday Morning” should help, too. It came at the right moment. I’ll post it when it becomes available.

Gaga told Cowan she didn’t care if all her success went away right now. She’d be happy going bar to bar, singing her songs. I believe her.

Viva Lady Gaga! Now if only radio would start playing those singles!

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