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EXCLUSIVE See all those NYPD officers protecting Donald Trump at Trump Tower? I’ll bet they don’t know this: last year, in 2015, Trump donated just $1,000 to their Police Foundation. In total, he gave away $790,000 to a variety of charities including $25,000 to two other cities’ police foundations– Boston and Palm Beach. Read that again: $1,000 to NYPD Foundation, $25,000 to Boston Police and to Palm Beach Police.

Trump obviously worries more about being protected by the cops in Boston, and in Palm Beach, Florida. But New York cops– a thousand bucks should cover them, right?

Trump gave very little money to anything involved with the military and nothing– NOTHING — to veterans groups. He did donate $125,000 to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation, which gives $30,000 scholarships to the children of Marines and federal law enforcement officers who die while on active duty. (That was in 2015. This past June, under scrutiny from the Washington Post, Trump sent them another $1 million which won’t turn up until a year from now in his filings.)

But he gave no other money in 2015 to any traditional veteran’s groups. He did, however, contribute $100,000 to Comic Relief. He also really cares about the infirm, aged, and disadvantaged–a mere, meager, $950 went to NY’s City Meals on Wheels. That’s what he spends on lunch usually.

Trump gave $50,000 to his son Barron’s private school, Columbia Prep, separate from tuition. To balance that, he gave $1,000 to the Make a Wish Foundation to fulfill the dreams of dying children.

On the plus side, there were several donations to cancer groups– around $55,000.

And he gave $10,000 to Project Veritas, a website that puts fake news on the web. Yes, you read that right.

The Washington Post previously reported that Trump also took money from the foundation.

Trump’s largest outside donor was Viktor Pinchuk, Ukranian oligarch, who gave Trump $150,000.

Hey Rust Belt, pay attention!

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