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In New York, tonight, as in Los Angeles last week, Viola Davis was on fire. Denzel Washington’s first screening of “Fences” was incendiary. Davis is now in lead position for Best Supporting Actress. Many observers on both coasts want her to go lead. “She’ll win either way she goes,” says a source.

All over the U.S., Viola was also burning on “How to Get Away with Murder” on ABC. The melodramatic hit show finally revealed who died in the fire at Annalise Keating’s house– SPOILER ALERT– it was Wes, played by Alfred Enoch. You know, every TV show kills off a main character now in cliffhangers. Enoch will be fine. The show launched his career.

Meanwhile, Annalise got away with murder. But Viola acquits herself well enough to cause a ruckus in “Fences.” And that’s all we can say we for now. More to come…


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