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Megyn Kelly’s book is out this morning and there’s plenty to read. “Settle for More” from HarperCollins– owned by Rupert Murdoch, as is Fox News– is like a box of chocolates.

One exchange involves Jon Stewart, the comedian pundit and host of The Daily Show. Kelly says that in a phone call. Stewart complained that she didn’t respond to his nightly volleys. This one was about a segment she’d done on maternity leave.

“I’m not Bill O’Reilly,” I explained to him. “I’m a journalist. Most of the people you hit are journalists. What are we going to do, take time away from talking about Syria to address something on Comedy Central? Am I going to have my team waste their time pulling more complete clips to prove your cherry-picked clips are wrong? That’s not what newspeople do. We don’t have the staff or the platforms for that. We’re trying to actually report the news.”

Stewart and I did have one funny exchange in that call he made to me. “You are the one person at Fox News I actually respect,” he confessed toward the end, in an apparent moment of weakness. “I hate myself for loving that,” I responded in a weak moment of my own.

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