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Robert Redford is NOT retiring from acting or directing or anything else despite a recent Tweet and story in Variety. Redford’s rep Cindi Berger confirmed this for me just now.

In an interview with his grandson posted on line, Redford said he had two more acting jobs and movies. And then he says, off the cuff, he’s thinking about giving it all up and devoting himself to painting.

There was an inference drawn by the website hosting the post that Redford was “retiring.” He’s not, that’s ridiculous, and you know, really. So I called his PR.

Robert Redford is too committed to film, to Sundance, to all of it, to stop anytime soon. He just had a big hit with “Pete’s Dragon,” and was excellent in “Trust,” as Dan Rather and in “All is Lost.” Why stop now? He’s just getting started!

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