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Director David O. Russell certainly works well with Robert DeNiro. They had a big success with “Silver Linings Playbook,” and DeNiro was just great playing Jennifer Lawrence’s father in “Joy.”

Now Russell and DeNiro are reportedly teaming up again for a limited TV series for Amazon, produced by The Weinstein Company. Another Oscar winner, Julianne Moore, is set to co-star.

The word is that Russell’s come up with a modern Mafia tale, perhaps set in the 1990s. Coming from Russell, it won’t be “The Sopranos,” but maybe something with a more comic touch. We’ll see.

DeNiro is said to be getting $850,000 per episode, for 20 segments. If so, this series will be incredibly expensive. Good for him– his last movie with The Weinstein Company, “Hands of Stone,” earned $4.7 million this summer despite very good reviews. But all the movement now is toward the smaller screen and TV platforms, where the audience is waiting for him.

TWC, meantime, is also moving in that direction. They recently announced another Amazon deal with “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner.

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