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James Corden Stings as Host of Hollywood Film Awards: “A lot like the Trump campaign, except they really are rigged”


Trump bashing and more saucy clever quipping took place tonight at the lively Hollywood Film Awards at the Beverly Hilton. James Corden ‘killed it,’ as the host in his opening monologue. “This could be last awards ceremony before the apocalypse. Come Wednesday morning we could all be watching a real-life version of the “The Purge.”

Corden, the British Tony Award winner who’s become an unlikely overnight star in the U.S. thanks to his late night talk show and “Carpool Karoake,” was a stinging host for this untelevised night of Hollywood back-patting at the Beverly Hilton Ballroom. Big stars showed up so movies– some of which haven’t been released or seen by anyone — could get awards for existing at all.

“This year they brought back “Star Wars,” with a female lead, they rebooted “Ghostbusters” with a female lead and I pray to God they reboot the Clinton presidency with a female lead,” he said in his opening remarks. Corden also managed to poke a bit of fun at the HFA. “The Hollywood Film Awards sounds like something Michael Bay gives to himself on Christmas morning to feel less alone.” He went on: “ The HFAs sound like a urinary tract infection.”

Corden also got political which was a theme woven into the night. “The HFA are a lot like the Trump campaign, except these awards really are rigged. Susan Sarandon is here. She recently endorsed Jill Stein for President. That’s it. That’s the joke.” He then wiggled in, “If you haven’t won an award and you’re here, fire your publicist.”

And then the handing out of awards began. Robert DeNiro, honored with the comedy award, put on his forceful “Taxi Driver” Travis Bickle face by saying, “I know we’re here to celebrate movies in Hollywood. But it’s two days before a frightening election and the shadow of politics is hanging over us whether we like it or not, it’s hard for me to think of anything else. So let me just lay it out right here. We have the opportunity to prevent a comedy from turning into a tragedy. Vote for Hillary Tuesday.”

Leonardo DiCaprio and Fisher Stevens were then honored for their documentary, “Before The Flood.” Leo said, “Let’s use all our power as citizens to do the right thing, please vote. Vote for people who believe in climate change.” To which the crowd then rapturously applauded. Corden then came on and asked any Trump supporters to raise their hands. One woman on the side stood up and started idiotically dancing, to which Corden snapped, “Shut the fuck up. You look like someone who’d be voting for Donald Trump.”

Andie McDowell presented the Supporting Actor Award to her former “Four Weddings and a Funeral” co-star Hugh Grant. Hugh quipped, “I’m just depressed to see how well preserved Andie is. You are still a Georgia peach, and me, according to Twitter anyway, I’m a scrotum.” He went on to thank everyone, included Dick Clark Productions and ended, “Well I just love dick.”

Clint Eastwood, notoriously a director of few words and probably the only other Republican in the room, gave the Actor Award to Tom Hanks for his work in Clint’s “Sully.” When Tom came on stage, Clint instructed him where to stand and told Tom what side he would be on. Tom commented, “that’s the most Clint has ever talked to an actor in his whole career.”

Eddie Murphy, a well-known New Jersey native received the last award of the night, the Career Achievement award. He cracked the audience up by saying, “Let me start at the beginning. I was born on a plantation in the south, picking cotton, staring up at my grand pappy and telling him I wanted to be in the movies.”

Also in the mix, Sir Ben Kingsley presented Jon Favreau with the Blockbuster Award, Julianne Moore gave Tom Ford his Breakthrough Director award, Casey Affleck Other winners included Nicole Kidman, Mel Gibson, Natalie Portman, Hugh Grant, Naomie Harris, Lily Collins, (Warren Beatty presented to her) and sionger Janelle Monae, who’s made a big splash this season in “Moonlight” and the upcoming “Hidden Figures.” Justin Timberlake won an award for his song, “Can’t Stop The Feeling” and a movie called “Gold” with Matthew McConaughey– which no one has seen– was given a prize.

Carlos de Abreu, who founded the HFA two decades ago to promote his Hollywood film festival, sold the show to Dick Clark Productions a couple of years ago. Now DCP has been sold to the Chinese. The HFA’s are like a pre-Oscars in that they celebrate the movies that will likely get the big awards later. They’re also a fun way to kick off awards season just to promote Hollywood. I asked Carlos how he felt at the end of the night. “A great way to celebrate our 20th Anniversary,” he said. Agreed: The A list came out in droves; the show was well paced and truly entertaining. Well done Carlos and HFAs (not a urinary tract infection, as it turns out).

“Hollywood Career Achievement Award”
Eddie Murphy, presented by Jeffrey Katzenberg

“Hollywood Actor Award”
Tom Hanks for Sully, presented by Clint Eastwood

“Hollywood Supporting Actor Award”
Hugh Grant for Florence Foster Jenkins, presented by Andie MacDowell

“Hollywood Actress Award”
Natalie Portman for Jackie, presented by Susan Sarandon

“Hollywood Supporting Actress Award”
Nicole Kidman for Lion, presented by Dev Patel

“Hollywood Comedy Award”
Robert De Niro for The Comedian, presented by Leslie Mann

“Hollywood Breakout Actress Award”
Naomie Harris for Moonlight, presented by Lenny Kravitz

“New Hollywood Award”
Lily Collins for Rules Don’t Apply, presented by Warren Beatty

“Hollywood Spotlight Award”
Janelle Monáe for Hidden Figures, presented by Mahershala Ali

“Hollywood Documentary Award”
Fisher Stevens and Leonardo DiCaprio for Before the Flood,
presented by Jonah Hill

“Hollywood Ensemble Award”
Gold cast including Matthew McConaughey, Bryce Dallas Howard, Edgar Ramirez and Stacy Keach, presented by Kate Hudson

“Hollywood Song Award”
Justin Timberlake for “CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!” from Trolls,
presented by Anna Kendrick

“Hollywood Blockbuster Award”
The Jungle Book (accepted by Jon Favreau), presented by Sir Ben Kingsley

“Hollywood Director Award”
Mel Gibson for Hacksaw Ridge, presented by Andrew Garfield and Vince Vaughn

“Hollywood Breakthrough Director Award”
Tom Ford for Nocturnal Animals, presented by Julianne Moore

“Hollywood Producer Award”
Marc Platt for La La Land, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, and The Girl on the Train, presented by Aaron Eckhart

“Hollywood Screenwriter Award”
Kenneth Lonergan for Manchester By The Sea, presented by Casey Affleck

“Hollywood Animation Award”
Byron Howard and Rich Moore for Zootopia

“Hollywood Cinematography Award”
Linus Sandgren for La La Land

“Hollywood Film Composer Award”
Mychael Danna for Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

“Hollywood Editor Award”
John Gilbert for Hacksaw Ridge

“Hollywood Visual Effects Award”
Stephane Ceretti and Richard Bluff for Dr. Strange

“Hollywood Sound Award”
Christopher Boyes and Frank Eulner for The Jungle Book

“Hollywood Costume Design Award”
Albert Wolsky for Rules Don’t Apply

“Hollywood Make Up & Hair Styling Award”
Shane Thomas, Angela Conte, Bec Taylor and Noriko Waztanabe
for Hacksaw Ridge

“Hollywood Production Design Award”
Wynn Thomas for Hidden Figures

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