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One of the strangest real life chapters from CBS’s “Young and the Restless” may be taking a new twist.

Both CBS and actor Michael Muhney have each dropped major hints that the controversial may be returning to the soap after a two year absence.

Muhney was the popular portrayer of bad guy Adam Newman until there some kind of blow-out on the set of “Y&R.” Muhney was abruptly dismissed. CBS leaked a rumor to TMZ that Muhney had been complained about regarding a possible groping incident involving a young actress on the show. No one commented officially, but Muhney left and was replaced by Justin Hartley. No charges were filed, and life went on.

But Hartley left the show a few weeks ago to join NBC’s prime time hit “This Is Us.”  The character of Adam was blown up in a house explosion. But on soaps, unless the actor actually perishes in real life, characters can always be revived.

But now the first and most intriguing clue: Two days ago, CBS Soaps in Depth, the network’s house organ, ran a feature on Muhney returning to his home town to see the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. The title of the article is “The Young and the Restless’s Michael Muhney Shares His Trip to Chicago…”

The magazine presumably would not be running such an article unless CBS was okay with it. They wouldn’t be featuring an actor with whom they had legal disagreements. Also Muhney’s show status is referred to in the present tense. Another clue: Muhney hasn’t been mentioned at all in the CBS soap mag since August 2014– when he left the show– until a few months ago. In recent weeks, his name has started turning up regularly.

Then, of course, Muhney has also just Tweeted: “If you believe in something wonderful, cheer for it long enough, put out good vibes, if you have patience…it can really happen. #Heaven”.  He could mean the Cubs winning the World Series, but you decide.

Muhney’s return to the show may also coincide with the departure of actress Hunter King, whom CBS has promoted to the prime time show “Life in Pieces.” King was recently dropped from her contract status on “Y&R” from regular to recurring.

So is Muhney on his way back? It does seem like it. The fans will love it. Maybe time has healed whatever wounds there were. Or maybe just the ouster of much loathed former executive producer Jill Farren Phelps has also paved the way. In what remains of the soap opera world, this is big, big stuff. I almost never write about that world because it is so damn weird. The actors never speak to press because they’re afraid of being blacklisted. And soaps are considered an alternative universe anyway in show biz. It’s best to go watch the hilarious movie “Soapdish” to understand it all!

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