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Alec Baldwin is already pretty outspoken. He’s also doing a hell of a job playing Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live” this fall.

But in his own family there’s dissension over the election.

Brother Stephen, a conservative who also became zealously religious, recently Tweeted: “If my father were alive today (a veteran) He would be ashamed & disgusted of media biased & manipulation by people like @andersoncooper”

Billy Baldwin, Stephen and Alec’s liberal brother, replied: “If our father were alive today… he’d smack you in the side of the head for supporting Donald Trump.”

I know all three of these Baldwins, they are all nice guys. This is their problem. But still…

Stephen knocked Alec with this Tweet: “Sad monday for me @nbcsnl & Hollywood Democrats think partial birth abortion is funny ! Sad as I think of all my beautiful nieces & nephews”

And Alec replied: “I don’t recall @nbcsnl using the phrase “partial birth abortion.”

I don’t either.

Meantime, Alec got a little dig in on “SNL” playing Trump, announcing that he had the best Baldwin brother in his corner– Stephen.
PS No word yet from the remaining Baldwin brother, Daniel.



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