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So now what for Billy Bush? Suspended by NBC pending review, will he return to the Today, be fired, or sent to MSNBC to cover bowling tournaments?

NBC, a broadcast expert pointed out tonight, has a poor record for dealing with anchor management. They’ve had more than their share of scandals and always seem to get it wrong.

To wit: Brian Williams, now on MSNBC, demoted from the network after being uncovered as a fantasist. Or fabulist. Or liar.

Ann Curry, forced off the Today show and then out of NBC despite her popularity because Matt Lauer was perceived as wanting her gone.

Deborah Norville, canned for Katie Couric. Norville herself was hired to replace Jane Pauley, who was forced out of the Today show. Pauley has recently scored a huge comeback triumph being named new host of “CBS Sunday Morning.”

And it’s not just in news where NBC has made huge errors. The whole Jay Leno-Conan O’Brian debacle is cited as even bigger, with Leno demoted to 10pn and then restored to the Tonight show after Conan was named to the Tonight show and then just dumped from the network. He now hosts a nightly talk show on TNT.

With all this history– and no doubt more that I’ve missed- does Billy Bush have a chance here? You tell me.

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