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Bradley Cooper’s “A Star is Born” with Lady Gaga is a go go– that’s what a Hollywood insider insists. I am still hearing, however, rumors that the project is in trouble. We’ll have to wait and see how it materializes.

What I did hear today was that Lady Gaga will write a whole new album of songs for the “A Star is Born” soundtrack — if the movie happens. That’s pretty extraordinary because she has a whole new album of songs coming in three weeks called “Joanne.”

Fans are speculating that Gaga is soft-pedaling “Joanne” because it’s the last album she’s under contract for with Interscope. But Gaga isn’t leaving Universal Music– I can’t see that happening. And I do think despite “Perfect Illusion” being met with ambivalence, the album itself will come in as a hit on October 21st.

As for “A Star is Born,” time will tell. Plenty of movies have had rougher starts.

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