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During Rudy Giuliani’s 12 years as mayor, he cheated on his wife, Donna Hanover, at least once. A second, rumored affair, was denied but the relationship was too close for comfort. The first time was with Cristyne Lategano, an aide who Giuliani was with 24/7, and for whom he bought dresses. The second time was with Judith Nathan, whom he eventually married. I was the reporter who found Giuliani and Nathan together on a date, on Friday, April 28, 2000.

Fox News wouldn’t let me report it because I was told that Roger Ailes. our boss, had an arrangement not to report anything negative about Giuliani. So I had to give the story to the NY Daily News, which broke it. Then I was allowed to write it. Later, the New York Times gave me credit.

I bring this up today because of the repulsive statement Giuliani made in the video below to Alexandra Svokos, which she posted on Twitter. Giuliani accuses Hillary Clinton of doing terrible things to Monica Lewinsky. Then he says that Hillary “is too stupid to be president.”

This vile person, who carried on while in office without any thought to his children, should watch it, already. (I also reported in NY Magazine how Giuliani and Lategano used his kids to present bad news to Wall Street at an all day press conference.) New Yorkers can’t stand him. He calls himself “America’s Mayor” because he grandstanded during 9-11. For years his children didn’t speak to him. It’s unclear if they do now. His role as henchman and chief assistant villain to Donald Trump as the Joker has become more and more cartoon like. And frankly, he’s too stupid if he doesn’t think all of his private life will come tumbling out again.

Guiliani says Hillary Clinton is a “total phony.” He should know. Let’s ask Donna Hanover, shall we? Because that’s a saga that awaits being dredged up.

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