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For almost 60 years, Liz Taylor’s affair with Eddie Fisher and his divorce from Debbie Reynolds has been considered the template, the gold standard, for all Hollywood scandals. Carrie Fisher has written books about it and performed Broadway shows. Nothing topped it. Debbie, the angel; Liz, the witch; Eddie the miscreant.

And now! Brad Pitt is said to be having an affair or something with Marion Cotillard. He’s married! She’s married! He has six children with Angelina Jolie– three adopted, three biological (and one that may be gender fluid). Angelina has had had cancer– cancer!– that spurred surgery to remove her breasts, take out her ovaries.

On top of that, both women have Oscars. Brad only has two nominations.

People will be talking about this for another 60 years. Carrie Fisher must be weeping. Her parents’ long run as the number 1 Hollywood scandal of all time is over.

And what about Maddox, Pax, Vivienne, Knox, Shiloh, et al? And what about the French chateau worth $35 million? And all that philanthropy?

And what about Jennifer Aniston? Did they have to sedate her this morning?

On a serious note: I went to London a couple of years ago for the premiere of “World War Z.” Brad, Angelina, some of the kids were there. Brad was so devoted, she was so happy. But you see, they are actors.

PS Who gets to keep George Clooney?

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