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If you’re watching the excellent investigation of the Jon Benet Ramsey murder on CBS tonight, here’s a little “Six Degrees of…” scenario. There’s a way to tie former senator John Edwards and his scandal to this story.

How? Edwards’s marriage and career fell apart because of a woman named Rielle Hunter. She had an affair with Edwards and became pregnant with his child. The affair destroyed Edwards’ family and his presidential campaign.

What’s the tie in? Hunter wasn’t always named Rielle Hunter. She was born Lisa Druck. But then she got married to Alex Hunter. His father, Alex Hunter Sr., was the prosecutor who failed to find Jon Benet’s killer. Lisa/Rielle was married to Hunter Junior for 10 years, the same time during which her father in law was involved in the unsolved murder.

As Walt Disney said, it’s a small world after all.

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