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Congrats to Mel Gibson! He and his 26 year old girlfriend, Rosalind Ross, are expecting a baby!

Ross is as old as Mel’s sixth adult child, Milo, but older than his 17 year old and his toddler. The first seven were with wife Robin, and the 8th, of course, was with Oksana Grigorieva.

The whole gang must be very happy. Some families have nothing to say to each other at Thanksgiving. But the Gibsons– who already can discuss Mel’s DUI, his infamy for anti-semitism and racism, his belief that the Jews killed Jesus and that there was no Holocaust, now expect to have Baby Number 9 to chow down with. And the baby can be baptized in the non diocese church Mel has banked $70 million on in Agoura Hills.

Mazel tov, Mel!

PS If Roz is 3 months pregnant now, she’ll be due on or around the Oscars. Mel’s hoping his movie “Hacksaw Ridge” will be in the mix. What timing!

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