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EXCLUSIVE Lady Gaga delivers her single “Perfect Illusion” Thursday at 8pm, and everyone’s excited.

But I’m told her movie “A Star is Born” may be in trouble. The remake, co-starring and directed by Bradley Cooper, was recently announced by Warner Bros. But the word today is that something’s wrong– not between Cooper and Gaga but probably in the other details. Cooper is said to be interested in another film that might be shooting next winter.

Gaga already has an Emmy Award for “American Horror Story” so we know she can act. We also know she can sing like crazy. If “Star” doesn’t work out, something else will come along movie wise.

Let’s hope whatever is wrong can be fixed. I think everyone was genuinely excited about “A Star is Born.” And “Perfect Illusion”? They must have decided to debut it on the spur of the moment. Just yesterday Gaga’s peeps were swearing to me off the record that “nothing is happening” this week.


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