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EXCLUSIVE The future of “A Star is Born” with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga is getting more and more curious.

After I reported that the film might be in trouble, some other news rolled in. Cooper has suddenly voiced an interest in a sci-fi movie being set up for winter. If that’s true, it certainly means “Star” is in jeopardy.

When I contacted another inside source about “Star,” I got back a one word answer: “Rumors.” As in– maybe, because the answer wasn’t a denial.

But wait: Cooper wants a role that another more tenured star is also getting excited about. The one and only Brad Pitt also, I am told, wants to play the lead in the sci fi adventure. I won’t tell you the title yet, but I know it. This could get interesting.

What could be the problem with “A Star is Born”? Money? Credit? The soundtrack rights with Gaga? We all just saw pictures of Brad and Lady grocery shopping, didn’t we? That seemed to seal the deal.

Funny, isn’t it? “A Star is Born” always breeds gossip. John Gregory Dunne wrote about trying to make the Barbra Streisand-Kris Kristofferson version in his great memoir called “Monster.”  Let’s all read that while we wait for the next episode…

Stay tuned…


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