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“Ben Hur”– urgh, I don’t want to keep beating these dead horses. Friday box office was dismal, with the remake coming in 4th and posting $4.3 million. Will it actually clear $12 million by Sunday night? Who knows? The damage is done.

“War Dogs” had a little more pep in its step Friday night, but not much. The total for Thursday-Friday was $5,530,000– but that included $1.2 million on Thursday. So, really, $4.3 mil on Friday night is very bad indeed. I just don’t understand this film and how it was created. It’s a Scorsese knock off. It’s like when you’re in the Louvre, and you think you’re seeing a Rembrandt, but then the tag sales “from the school of Rembrandt.”

All the fanboys and girls ‘hate’ “Suicide Squad,” but it’s rockin’ along at number 1, about to cross the $500 mil mark. Not bad.



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