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Donald Trump has crowds– huge crowds, he says– at all his rallies. People are waiting outside to get in, he’s so popular.

But no one is reading the paperback he published on July 12th, just over a month ago. “Great Again: How to Fix Crippled America,” is currently number 6,626 on Amazon. That’s the paperback, which sells for $10.30 bucks. The Kindle version, only $10.99, is number 18,000. That’s EIGHTEEN THOUSAND.

The hardcover — is doing a little better–it’s number 11,500. It had a different title, “Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again.” But it’s the same book in a new cover.

At least “The Art of the Deal,” which ghost writer Tony Schwartz has disavowed and is 30 years old, is a hit. It’s number 1,324. Not exactly flying off the shelves.

So we can surmise either that his followers don’t have enough money to read their hero’s words, or can’t read. See him for free, like a circus act? Why not? Trump calls himself an agent of change– but he’s not making change, that’s for sure. One wonders what a new book from him would be worth to publishers after the election.

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