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Donald Trump actually said to a Connecticut rally audience: “I might lie to you.” He added: “Just like Hillary.” Then he turned from the audience and pointed to a high school kid he’d introduced who’s battling cancer: “But not to you.” But clearly to the audience, he might lie. This promise or threat came as Trump reiterated he’s building his wall in Mexico and Mexico will pay for it.
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Trump attacked the media in general, CNN, the New York Times, brought up Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress, made fun of the way Hillary Clinton speaks to crowds, mocked Connecticut governor Dannell Malloy’s first name, and reiterated without sarcasm his belief that President Barack Obama is the “founder of ISIS.”

The rally was at Sacred Heart College in Fairfield, Connecticut, and was live streamed until a lightning and thunder storm broke out with massive rains literally right on top of the school. The gods were not happy, my friends. It was a bad bad storm.

Many people say that Sacred Heart was roundly criticized locally for hosting the event. T shirt vendors out front hawked both Trump-Pence and Clinton-Kaine souvenirs.

Meantime, Trump’s running mate Mike Pence says he’ll release his tax statements. This seems like a rebuke to Trump, who won’t do it. Many people also wondered by Trump bothered to rally in Connecticut –which will vote Democratic– instead of a key red state or battleground state like Pennsylvania, Florida, or Ohio. Connecticut has not voted Republican since 1988.

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