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Cher says director George Miller (Mad Max) did not want her in The Witches of Eastwick with Jack Nicholson, Angelica Huston and Michelle Pfeiffer. In the new CAA book “Powerhouse,” by James Andrew Miller, Cher pulls no punches.

“George Miller didn’t want me in any way, and wanted to cut my head off. Every time they would call to say, “George is really excited about you being in this film,” and blah blah blah, I would call him and he would say, “I really don’t want you in this film, but I’m being forced into it now,” and I said, “You know what, dude, fuck you. You’re not finding me under a rock, I’ve already been nominated for Academy Awards.”

“He just hated me so, but Ronnie [Ron Meyers, co-chief of CAA] just kept pushing and pushing, telling me it was going to work out. He probably had to strangle George to get me on that set, but I never heard him raise his voice. And it was such a strange thing. Ronnie was right. The moment we started working, he forgot all the horrible things he said about me and we got along just beautifully. I had such a good time on that movie in certain ways— in other ways, no— but in many ways, it was a lot of fun.”

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