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Louise and Baby June would probably agree that Gypsy Rose Lee was a Bad Mom. She dragged her kids from one vaudeville house to burlesque palace, fobbed them off on strangers, and and made them work, work, work harder than Rihanna.

But the studio behind “Bad Moms” obviously doesn’t think so. The word is that STX Entertainment is pulling out of the remake of “Gypsy” with Barbra Streisand. Barry Levinson is supposed to direct from Richard LaGravanese’s script. LaGravenese also wrote Barbra’s last movie she directed, “The Mirror Has Two Faces.”

Of course, Streisand can sing the hell out of the “Gypsy” score, but she’s 20 years older than Gypsy is supposed to be in the film. Well, that can be accommodated. STX picked up the movie when Universal dropped it.

So what now? RatPac could pick it up for Warner Bros., which doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Streisand is on tour selling out concert halls and stadiums. But she must be pissed. She presented Best Musical to “Hamilton” at the Tony Awards this year as a prelude to the “Gypsy” marketing and publicity. She had to be in the room!

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