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Box office shocker: “Suicide Squad” scored $20.5 million on Thursday night. The Warner Bros.-DC Comics extravaganza is headed to a record $150 million record breaking weekend.

This is ironic because fanboys on Rotten Tomatoes have done everything to kill this movie. “SS” has a 23 so far and if they could arrange it basement bloggers would make it a zero.

It’s amazing to me where all this bile comes from. I’m particularly shocked because “Suicide Squad” is totally enjoyable. I suspect a lot of Thursday’s customers will come back and see it again. The actors are terrific, the editing is excellent, the art and production design are tremendous. Plus there’s a 70s soundtrack that almost out does “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Indeed, last night “SS” did almost double what “GOTG” did when it opened.

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