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What a night, huh? Doesn’t it seem like we turned a corner back toward sanity? In a decisive knockout, Hillary Clinton stunned Donald Trump.

I was annoyed all evening that Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper kept calling this “the most important speech of Hillary Clinton’s life.” But they were right. And she rose to the occasion.

And in the midst of this, Louise Mensch– the former conservative British MP who saved the Murdochs in Parliament during the hacking investigations– endorsed Clinton.

Mensch now runs Murdoch’s website called Heat Street– www.heatst.com. But she was overcome by Clinton tonight. Murdoch, home taking Viagra and liver spot pills and asking Jerry Hall to stop playing “Start Me Up,” has not Tweeted a peep all night, and since March 4th. But I’d like to be a fly on the wall at 1211 Sixth Avenue tomorrow morning.

Here’s Louise:


Rupert, ask Jerry to place you this Rolling Stones record: “It’s all over now.”

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