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Famed hacker and leaker of government secrets Edward Snowden’s ears must be burning. He’s mentioned in two movies opening this weekend.

Indeed, he’s only mentioned but sort of turned into a plot point in “Jason Bourne.”

You see, with China and Russia now becoming movie audiences– and sending millions of dollars back to Hollywood– those countries can no longer be our enemy in spy thrillers.

Instead, hackers have become the enemy– or people with access to malware. In “Jason Bourne” there is much discussion of Snowden as the hack in the movie is said to be much, much worse.

In “Equity,” a terrific indie film opening with Anna Gunn, a “privacy company with a social network” called Cachet is vulnerable to hacking. Again, the discussion is that “after Snowden” anything can happen.

Of course, fugitive Eddie is the subject of Oliver Stone’s film “Snowden,” in which he’s played by Joseph Gordon Levitt. “Snowden” has been selected for the Toronto Film Festival, after which it will be distributed by Open Road.

And let’s not forget that only two years ago, in 2015, “CitizenFour,” Laura Poitras’s film about Snowden, won the Oscar for Best Documentary.

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