Home Movies “Independence Day: Resurgence” Finally Hits $100 Million After 27 Days in Release

There should have been a fanfare on the Fox lot on Wednesday.

That’s when “Independence Day: Resurgence” crossed the $100 million mark at the US box office. It only took 27 days. Twenty seven long days.

The original “Independence Day” hit $100 million on its 6th day in 1996. On its 27th day, “ID4” was at $224 million US.

Luckily, overseas, “IDR” has made $243 million. Most of that came from China– $73 million. If the Chinese can get to the theater and get home without losing any human rights, they’re happy. They like seeing aliens get it. The plot or lack of character development is not a major concern.

So will there be another “Independence Day”? Hopefully not. Maybe just one in Chinese.

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