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UPDATE AUG 8TH: Meredith McIver’s Twitter account has been suspended. This has led to all kinds of speculation that she doesn’t exist. But she does. And the “tenant” I met back on July 20th was her sister, Karen, who lives in the house in Westport.  I know it’s a better story if Meredith were made up, but she’s real. Her sister was very nice, except for not telling me she was her sister.

July 20th: I have verified the existence of Meredith McIver, author of Melania Trump’s purloined speech. This afternoon Web snarkers questioned whether McIver was real. What a great story that would have been. TRUMP INVENTS SPEECH WRITER.

Alas she’s real. I drove over to a house she owns in Westport Connecticut and spoke to her tenant. McIver lives in New York. She works for Donald Trump, the tenant told me. That’s the story.

Of course it could be an elaborate hoax. And if it is, god bless the people who thought it up. It’s a good one.

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